Ada: Washable and Anti-Slippary Kilims with High-Low Texture and Cotton Original Fringes
Angora: Faux Fur with Long Pile
Cape Town: Modern, Anti-shedding, High-low Textured Machine Made Rugs
Capri: User Friendly, Washable Flatweave Kilims With Soft Touch
Comfort : Micro polyester machine made rug
Cozy: No-Shed Modern Machine Made Rugs with Special Braided Texture
Kalahari: Özel Tip-Shear Dokuma Tekniği ile Üretilen Sade ve Şık Makine Halısı
Lagos / XW: Modern and elegant machine rugs made with polyester
Lisbon New: Modern Machine Made Rugs Shines With Metallic Design Details
Loft: Modern machine made rugs
Lotto: Machine made rugs made with polypropylene
Lugano: Natural sparkling viscose with modern design machine made rugs
Lykia: Modern Machine Made Carpets with Acrylic
Majesty: Hand finished loom made modern rugs with wool, viscose and tencel – custom size available
Missori: Anti-Shed Machine Made Rugs With Cozy Texture
Mono: Soft Textured Elegant Kilim With Anti-slip Backing
New Product
Norte: Braided Textured Machine Made Rugs with Extra Soft Polyester
Oslo: No-Shed Modern Machine Made Rugs with Special Braided Texture
Puffy: Artificial Fur with Washable,Anti-Slip Backing
Sandy: High Low Textured,Extremely Soft Faux Fur With Polyester
Sateen / XW: Washable machine made anti slip rugs with polyester and cotton
Sateen Lux: User Friendly, Machine Made Rugs with Polyester
Shade: Modern Machine Made Rugs with Acrylic
Soho: No-shed modern machine made rugs
Terazzo: Modern and Scandinavian Designed Anti-Shed Machine Made Rug
Urban: Modern Machine Made Rugs with Soft Texture
Velvet: The labor intensive rug weaved on special looms with viscose and put through hand made rug processes subsequent to weaving - inspired and created from traditional rug making skills of women from Ushak region